It’s the end of the world as we know it?

So unless you have been living under a rock, you know that we have found ourselves is remarkably unsettling times. The coronavirus threat is ever-present, and not letting up. In fact, today’s news articles threaten that things are bound to get much worse before they get better. You cannot sugarcoat it: this really sucks.

In February 2020 I took a photography class called Embracing Your Inner Artist. The instructor, Deb Schwedhelm, is a visual artist with an uncanny eye for truth and beauty. She pushed us to open our eyes and our hearts, to see and feel in deeper and more meaningful way. She then challenged us to incorporate those thoughts and feelings into our photography. She reminded me WHY I take photos, and WHY photography is so critically important in my life. It’s not “just a hobby” for me. It is a lifeline, a lifeboat, and a lifelong love affair.

One of our projects challenged us to go outdoors (for me it was in the FREEZING cold), and take the time to observe and capture our surroundings. I initially wanted to take a walk in the woods and get all Thoreau on things, but a playground was blocking my way to the forest. As I briskly walked across the windy blacktop it struck me: why not stop here? My entire business is grounded in capturing happy children and families. But here I was, in a place that is normally filled with laughter and joy, that was cold, desolate, and abandoned. Eureka!

I am posting these images now because they speak to where we are today. No one is on the playgrounds. No one is in the school. No one is kicking a soccer ball, or shooting hoops. No one is playing hopscotch or making chalk drawings.

These days are numbered. We will get through this.

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