I Adore Babies

It is no secret that I love photographing newborns. I love to capture those early days and weeks, when little ones are sleepy and curled up and brand new. However, I ALSO love to capture what comes next: the first smiles, scooting around, crawling, self-feeding, and finally, walking unassisted. The first year is MAJOR, you guys. I have had parents reach out to me, and sheepishly admit that they “missed out” on newborn photos. Let me be the one to tell you all, it’s ok! As parents, we carry around enough guilt to go around. The last thing I want you to feel guilty about is your perceived lack of family photos. You never scheduled a newborn shoot? Well how about booking a 3-month-old shoot? Or maybe wait until 6 months, when your little one may be able to finally sit up unassisted? Heck, I won’t judge you if you just decide to wait until you hit the first anniversary mark. I am honored to capture your family at any phase, and in any stage. As my son says, “It’s all good.”

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