Gracie Girl

There is always something magical about photographing first-time parents. As anyone who is a parent knows, your world literally turns upside down the moment you come home with a newborn. You are SO out of your league, yet you instinctively know what must be done. You are bone tired, but full of joy. You are scared and nervous and anxious and unsure, but you also totally got this.

As I photographed this young family, I commented more than once on how calm they were. You guys, I was NOT calm during those first few weeks home with my son. These guys were such an awesome team together–passing their tiny one back and forth, grabbing coffee and water for one another, and making sure to give enough attention to their beloved Frenchie, Penny (the firstborn). I can tell that they are already acing this parenthood thing, and loved hanging with them and photographing them doing their thing.

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